Implantation of teeth
1) Plasma therapy is a unique method of injection procedures in dentistry that stimulates regenerative processes in tissues. The method of plasma therapy is used to treat inflammatory processes. As a result of the procedure, regeneration is activated after carrying out bone grafting, the process of engrafting implants is accelerated, natural restoration of the gum is started - its physiological coloring, shape and structure are returned.

2) The technology of sinus-lifting has been successfully used by dentists for more than 30 years . It allows many patients to evaluate the advantages of dental implantation, even in cases in which the installation of implants would have been impossible. Now you can be sure that the lack of bone tissue will not become a contraindication to implantation, and the operation itself will be performed quickly, qualitatively and painlessly. This is a procedure for restoring the volume of bone tissue in the lateral sections of the upper jaw when the bone is less than 4-6 mm in height.

3) Bone tissue growth allows to fight with atrophic processes of the jawbone. And the task of the procedure is to increase the volume of the spongy bone so that implants can be fixed inside it.

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