Surgical interventions
Dental extraction is the most extreme method of treatment in the oral cavity. The extraction of the tooth is performed when the vital abilities of the tooth are not at all suitable for further function, that is, chewing, holding the bite and retaining the place for further construction. Often, for atypical removal of wisdom teeth. The wrong location (slope) of the 8th tooth in the jaw, not the possibility of erupting it, requires surgical intervention.
Киста зуба
The tooth cyst is one of the inflammatory structures, which is the most dense capsule that is formed in response to infection to limit the spread of this infection. Very often the tooth cyst is formed in the region of the apex of the root.

To treat a tooth cyst it is necessary at once and it is obligatory. One of the most common methods of treatment is the surgical way (the operation of root resection).

In most cases, tumors of the jaws are diagnosed in the late stages, which is due to the nonspecific symptomatology or asymptomatic course, low oncological alertness of the population and specialists.
Treatment of the majority of benign jaw tumors is surgical . The most optimal is the removal of the neoplasm with resection of the jawbone within healthy borders; this amount of intervention can prevent relapses and possible malignancy of the tumor. Teeth adjacent to the tumor are also often subject to extraction. It is possible to remove some benign tumors of jaws that are not prone to recurrence, with a gentle method using curettage.
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