Talk to a doctor-dentist at the private clinic "NEW DENT" Dr.Fadi Al Tarifi.
"Doctor, what's best for me?" The answer is unequivocal - zirconium crowns
When patients need to replace their own teeth with crowns, whether from a functional or aesthetic point of view, the question is asked more often and more often from their mouths:

Worldwide - both in Europe, the United States and other countries, thousands of studies have been carried out to date that confirm that zirconium dioxide is the most acceptable material in dentistry. And this is proved histologically - at the cellular level.

What are the main properties of zirconium?

Well, first of all, this is that it does not have a negative effect on the surrounding tissue, that is, on the gum. Does not cause inflammation or cyanosis. And this is very important for patients, because nobody wants to feel the taste of the blood when cleaning teeth or have a clear pathological color.

The second is a high mechanical strength index. Whatever happens and wherever it happens, a patient with zirconia can be sure - crowns in place.
They also do not cause allergies, as an example, to plastics. And their longevity depends on the patients themselves and their care for them.

When is it shown to manufacture zirconium crowns?

These crowns are appropriate to apply as with a single defect, and in the case when you need to replace several teeth. People are still told to make a "bridge".

In the main crowns are made to restore the function of the lost tooth due to complications of caries, pulpitis or unsatisfactory hygiene.

Also, young women and men often come to us for aesthetic purposes, namely asking them to give them a Hollywood smile, but categorically abandoning orthodontic treatment.

Can anyone use these crowns?

Virtually everyone. There are simply cases that require special before and after procedural training. For example, people who suffer from bruxism (grinding teeth). To them we have a slightly different approach.

What is the main advantage of all?

Apparently this is a very natural look. A person without a "professional eye" is very difficult to distinguish them from their teeth. I would say that it is impossible more than possible;)

Is there any special care for them?

Most importantly, it's always to remember that crowns require the same careful look as their own teeth. They should be cleaned twice a day after eating and come to the dentist's professional hygiene at least twice a year. Also do not forget to rinse your mouth with water after every snack.

And if the patient adheres to all the recommendations that the physician gives, he will use crowns for an extremely long time.
Friday, February 16, 7:02 pm.

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