Endodontics is a section of therapeutic dentistry that studies the anatomy, physiology, diseases and methods of treatment of both root canals of the tooth and adjacent tissues.

Endodontic intervention should be understood as all medical manipulation, which is carried out through the cavity of the tooth or within it. In other words, it is an odontosurgical intervention performed to preserve a tooth.
The objectives of endodontic treatment are:
-Elimination of infected tissues (pulp, dentin) from the root canal and periapical tissues;
-Preparing the root canal for sealing;
-Root Canal Filling.

Indications for endodontic treatment are:
-acute pulpitis;
-chronic pulpitis;
-all forms of periodontitis.

Contraindications to endodontic treatment are:
-dispositions of periodontal disease;
-impossibility of tooth restoration;
-impossibility of passage and processing of root canals;
-vertical fracture of the root of the tooth.
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