Periodontics is part of dental medicine, which deals with the treatment of gums and supporting structures of the teeth.

Causes of periodontitis:
-Bad hygiene of the oral cavity,
-Door food or smoking,
-Application of various medications,
-Bad bite and other causes.

The first symptoms of gum disease are:
-Broken chewing and difficulties in chewing certain foods,
-Impression of the gums, inflammation of the gums, swelling and redness.

One of the most common symptoms of periodontitis can be bad breath, which simply does not disappear, but it appears because of the large number of bacteria in the mouth.
Periodontal procedures that can improve a patient's health are:
-surgical treatment of diseases of periodontitis;
-regenerative surgery;
-plastic surgery and the rest.

Modern paradontology has stepped far ahead and allows patients to keep snow-white smiles and healthy gums for life.

At the heart of the Plasmolifting procedure is a patented method of treating the patient's blood with certified vacuum tubes. As a result, we get an injection form of an autoplasma containing platelets, which is the product for insertion into the tissue of the rock.
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