Therapeutic dentistry deals with the treatment of caries and its complications at various stages of the development of this disease. Appeal to the dentist is also necessary at the initial stage with more complex types of treatment: prosthetics, implantation, orthodontics. Before the operation, we need to make sure that there is no foci of infection in the oral cavity to avoid subsequent complications.

Also, experts in this field identify whether tooth disease is associated with a disorder of the condition of various internal organs.
Therapeutic dentistry solves a number of basic problems:

-Work over caries (pulpitis).
-Restoration of destroyed teeth on the basis of filling materials.
- Treatment of endodontic nature in relation to tissues located in the cavity of the tooth and in the regions of the root canals.
-Work over non-carious diseases of teeth.
-Recovery of the health of the oral mucosa.
-Tracking and adjustment of the condition of the periodontal tissues (periodontium).

Nevertheless, regardless of which stage of pulpitis is observed in the patient, we can help him. For us, there are no incurable cases, we have accumulated sufficient experience, including, through regular participation in international dental conferences and symposia, to argue: we are able to solve any dental problem!
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